Where can I sell my hair?

There are plenty of online websites where people sell hair for money, you will have a lot of questions like How To Sell Your Hair , Can I Sell My Hair, how can I sell my hair for , If I can sell my hair so where I can sell my hair locally, or how much can I sell my hair for , Usually you have to pay for advertising. Many of these sites are used by scammers who will message you and never actually pay you. Save yourself a headache and sell your hair on www.sellyourhairs.com where you deal directly with serious, professional hair buyers who buy hair for a good cause. We work with cancer patients, alopecia clients and severe hair loss clients many of whom lost all confidence to have social interactions. We help our patients by creating a wig as similar to their hair of possible so we are in constant need of virgin human hair to create those pieces. By selling your hair to us you are giving it to a very good cause.

Alexa is one such patient. She came to us before undergoing chemotherapy treatment at only 21 years old. Alexa asked us to recreate her 22 inch long hair in a wig. We were able to create a wig that was very similar to her hair. By the time she came to try it on she had already lost all her hair - she was totally bald, including her eyebrows and lashes. It was clear her confidence had gone down since the first time she came in. When she tried the wig on her face lit up and she commented that the wig looked better than her real hair. She was so happy to have something to make her feel somewhat normal again. Thank you, Alexa for letting us share your story.

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