How much can I sell my hair for?

There are a few factors that will determine the price of your hair ,and you will know for How much can you sell your hair for

2. Length

Longer hair is more valuable. The longer your hair is the more you will get paid for it. Please note anything below 20” is considered SHORT hair and would not be worth as high price as 22” hair. When hair is used to make wigs 5 inches of length get lost in the process. So to make a 24 inch wig we need a minimum of 30”. If your hair is 18 inches long we recommend growing it above 20 inches of usable hair so you can get paid more for your hair.

3. Age of donor

The younger the age of the donor the more valuable the hair is. Children’s hair is the most in demand hair since their hair is healthiest, unprocessed and very lightweight. Every 7 years humans go through a hair cycle that changes hair texture, density, color and structure. This is why the younger the donor the better the hair quality is, which makes it more expensive.


When estimating price of hair it’s important to know the weight of the hair and NOT the thickness of your ponytail. When hair is used for wigs or hair extensions, the thickness of the ponytail is irrelevant once the hair is being processed to make wigs or extensions. What really matters is the weight of the hair, which actually indicates how much of the hair can truly be used to make the wig or hair extension. Usually it requires us to use several ponytails just to make one wig. As wig makers we have constant high demand for longer ponytails of high weight. The price of the hair cannot be fully determined until we know the weight of the hair. Hair cannot be properly weighed until the hair is cut and put on a scale. Therefore the final price of the hair can only be calculated after the hair is cut and placed on a scale with an accurate weight display.

5. Quality

Another important factor when assessing price of hair is quality. Hair that has been colored, chemically treated or styled with hot tools is considered undesirable and will not go for a high price. We will NOT buy this type of hair. Hair that is considered frizzy or dry with a lot of split ends would need to get a good hair cut getting rid of all the split ends before the sale of hair. For example, if you have 26 inches of hair but have to cut 6 inches due to split ends you’ll probably only be able to sell 20 inches. It’s important to be honest about prior procedures you’ve had done to your hair. Just because your hair is long does not mean your hair is usable for the buyer if it’s not high quality.